General Dungeon Rules:

We are a professional dungeon, and thus do not offer sexual or non-BDSM related services. However, our facilities are used for both public and private play parties that may have different rules in regards to the types of activities that are allowed. Our productions are filmed with vetted, tested, and trusted members of our local community.

During pro sessions, clients are not allowed to make physical contact with the Mistress, unless said contact was explicitly agreed upon beforehand. If the Mistress touches you, you do not reach for her or touch her back without permission. If you have agreed upon a certain act of physical contact, you do not assume that other acts are automatically acceptable.

The Mistress does not engage in any fetishes involving bodily waste, nudity and intimate body worship, unsafe or illegal activities, sexual stimulation, submissive acts, or any fetishes involving non-consenting sentient beings or those without the ability to consent.

If safe and consensual play practices are not adhered to, the Mistress may stop the session at any time, at her discretion. Session time and fees are non-refundable. The safety and well-being of our members is our top priority, and you may be asked to leave at any time, for any reason.

If you intentionally cause damage to the property, equipment, or toys at The Serpent's Lair, or if you handle equipment or toys without permission, you are liable for any damages, up to and including paying for repairs or replacing the piece in question.

All clients are required to sign a form that acknowledges their understanding of these rules.

Becoming a client:

You must contact the Head Dominatrix, Mistress Mercer, to start the client intake process. You may contact her through FetLife or our website only.

An in-person interview will be scheduled, and a deposit will be sent via an online service, such as PayPal or Venmo. This interview is to ensure that all negotiations and other concerns are handled properly in a relaxed setting, and to ensure that the services we provide align with your session needs. We have worksheets to indicate interest and experience in different session elements, and we will retain a copy of your worksheet as long as you are a client of ours. You may update or change your interests, or schedule an additional interview at any time.

The actual session may or may not be scheduled for the same day as the interview. Typically, we schedule about a week in advance. 50% payment for the session is required at the time of scheduling, and the rest is required on the day of the session itself.

Deposits are non-refundable. Should you need to reschedule, you may do so with 48 hours notice, unless in the case of an emergency or other extenuating circumstance. Repeated rescheduling or no-shows will have their deposit forfeit, and may be dropped as a client, at the sole discretion of the Mistress.


Offers may be extended to certain clients on an individual basis. These discounts are not guaranteed, and are not available to first-time clients, as they are based on mutual comfort level and the ability to provide beneficial services that the Mistress desires outside of a BDSM context.

We have a standard session rate, and unwarranted requests for discounts or special treatment will hurt your chances of successfully becoming a client of The Serpent's Lair.


Some degree of risk is to be expected while engaging in BDSM activities. The Mistress will do her best to make you aware of the risks and talk you through any first-time activities or concepts that you are not clear on. It is important, however, that you do your own research, especially if you are inexperienced in play or have medical conditions that need to be taken into account.

For the best possible dungeon experience, you should always arrive well-hydrated and well-fed, with any emergency supplies or preferred food items available for either you or the Mistress to access at all times.

The Serpent's Lair has a variety of emergency medical supplies and other items on hand to ensure that your session goes smoothly and that any unexpected issues can be dealt with. Play surfaces, toys, and other supplies are always cleaned and disinfected prior to your session. Appropriate barriers, such as absorbent pads, latex-free gloves, and condoms are available at all times, and safety scissors are within reach during any scenes involving bondage or restriction of any kind.


The Serpent's Lair will always contact you through the website or app that contact was first established on. If you are more comfortable providing a specific app for us to use for communications, you may do so.

We may collect information, such as your personal phone number or email, for the sake of identification and in case of a legitimate emergency, but will never contact you through other means than your preferred method unless we have a legal or other urgent reason to do so.

We will never ask for more details about your personal life than strictly necessary, and anything communicated to us during a session will stay private and confidential.

If another dungeon (public or private) requests information about you for vetting or other reference purposes, we will not provide them with any confidential details regarding information you provided us or the content of our sessions.

The one exception to this policy is if we consider one of our clients a potential danger to the community, and are asked to provide details about consent or policy violations to a community leader in an effort to ensure the safety of others.

We expect that as our client, you will remain discrete about details that are not publicly accessible on our website. Any clients that you refer to us will have to go through the same interviewing process, with no exceptions. Our dungeon is closed-door, and sessions are by appointment only.

Video and Photo Sessions:

If you would like to have your session at The Serpent's Lair recorded, edited, and sent to you for your personal use, you may hire one of our in-house photographers by messaging our Head Dominatrix, Mistress Mercer, once your session deposit has been sent.

Please let us know ahead of time if you would like your face obscured, turned away, or blurred, as we will take this into account during the session itself. If you do not tell us beforehand, we cannot guarantee that all of the video footage or photos will be useable.

All photos and videos will have a small, unobtrusive watermark in the corner with the name of the Mistress and her personal website.

You will receive a single 10 minute video per session hour (2 hour session = 2 videos) OR up to 15 photos per hour from your session, via downloadable link or mailed media. These will be minimally edited.


Advanced You will receive a single 10-15 minute video per session hour (2 hour session = 2 videos) OR up to 20 photos per hour from your session, via downloadable link or mailed media. These will be edited into cohesive and good-looking clips, and only the best photos taken will be chosen.

What if I want my video to be shown on your FetLife, Chaturbate, PornHub, or OnlyFans page?

We may determine, at our discretion, that specific videos or photos are useable for our porn sites. If your session content is chosen, you may allow us to post it by signing a model release and providing certain legal information for site-specific age verification purposes. In return, you will be upgraded to our advanced package for free.

We will never post your session content without your written permission.

Our various channels:

Can I sell the videos or photos to others?

You may not sell access, copies, prints, or anything related to the content we provide, as it is for personal use only. Personal use includes uploading to your FetLife, Twitter, free PornHub account or other social media, or otherwise allowing access to the content for free. If you would like to discuss purchasing session videos or photos will full usage rights, contact Mistress Mercer through our website or FetLife for individual pricing.